Our Chapter 2017 Science Fair Winners

On Saturday 21 January 2017, INCOSE SoMD Chapter participated in the organization and judging for the thirteenth consecutive year of the St. Mary’s County Science and Engineering Fair. In addition to Planning and Sponsoring the Fair by John Walker, SoMD Chapter Director, Karl Geist, Chapter Treasurer led a three person team by reviewing the 129 projects, selecting 6 winners, and presenting the Chapter’s Systems Engineering Cash Awards. All projects from the 21 different Categories in the Fair, which included Animal Sciences, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Biochemistry, Biomedical and Health Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Embedded Systems, Energy: Chemical, Energy: Physical, Engineering Mechanics, Environmental Engineering, Material Science, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics and Astronomy, Plant Sciences, Robotics and Intelligent Machines, Systems Software, and Translation Medical Sciences were reviewed and considered for the awards.  This year 5 Junior Projects were selected for interviews by Karl Geist and Greg Olson, and 7 Senior Projects were selected for interviews by Karl Geist, Greg Olson, and Jim Wetzel to determine the 6 INCOSE Winners. At the Awards Ceremony, Karl Geist presented the awards to the Senior High Division winning students Braedon Myers’ First Place Project “UFR (Unmanned First Responder)”, Natalie Wolfe’s Second Place Project “Strike Sensing System’, and Kathryn McCurdy’s Honorable Mention Project “Automatic Window Washer”, and the Junior High Division winning students Ryan Williams’ First Place Project “Remotely Op. Planetary Exploration Rover”, Tom Wilson’s Second Place Project ” Something Here is Fishy”, and Ria Sharma’s Honorable Mention Project “Solar Powered Water Desalination”. These winners will be part of an Award Reception Sponsored by The Patuxent Partnership and INCOSE SoMD Chapter on the 21 February 2017 at 5:00 pm at the Great Mills Highs School.  Thank you again to the Judges, and Congratulations again to all the winners.  Please register for this event HERE

Braedon Myers at his First Place Project “UFR (Unmanned First Responder)”

Natalie Wolfe at her Second Place Project “Strike Sensing System’

Ryan Williams at his First Place Project “Remotely Op. Planetary Exploration Rover”

Tom Wilson at his
Second Place Project ” Something Here is Fishy”

Ria Sharma at her
Honorable Mention Project “Solar Powered Water Desalination”

Kathryn McCurdy at her
Honorable Mention Project “Automatic Window Washer”

A review of Alexander Wulff’s Smart Broken Bone Cast System

I was one of the judges that evaluated over 200 projects at the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) this year in Phoenix AZ.  It has been a passion of mine to participate this INCOSE endeavor since 2009 because of all the exceptional good projects you get see and exceptional students you get to meet.  Relatively few get their names called to the international award stage compared to the number that deserve it.  It is my pleasure to honor Alexander Wulff from Skaneateles High School in Skaneateles. New York.  He was one of our INCOSE honorable Mentions that are not called up on stage.

Alexander Wul at his project "CastMinder" being judged for INCOSE award at 2016 ISEF

Alexander Wulff at his project “CastMinder” being judged for INCOSE award at 2016 ISEF

I was lucky growing up never breaking a bone and needing a cast; however my sister had a tragic leg injury that required many pins and a cast for six months at a time. I wish the technology in Alexander’s system was is use at the time.  This project dealt with adding low powered and cost sensors to casts that give an alert when abnormal moisture, pressure and temperature are encountered which could indicate an infection or other medical problem that would require medical attention.   To me that would be enough but Alexander is taking it a step further by adding two mode elector stimulus.  The first mode has been shown to keep muscles from atrophy which is common in cast bound limbs and the second mode has been shown to help bones knit together faster.  He still has some work left to do but the World can certainly use a cast that reduces the infection complications from casts, decreases the time needed in a cast and also reduces the therapy time needed once the cast is been removed.

Great work Alexander!

James Kelly wins 2015 INCOSE Senior Honorable Mention at Science Fair and Whole Lot More

2015 INCOSE Honorable Mention James Kelly with his project  Depth Sensing Aide for the Blind

2015 INCOSE Honorable Mention James Kelly with his project Depth Sensing Aide for the Blind


There was some confusion about James Kelly’s project “Depth Sensing Aide for the Blind” as his name didn’t make it into the Fair program. But in the end, he took the Fair by storm.  Besides our award, James Kelly also won First Place in the Senior Division Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical Category, the Senior Division Grand Prize, The Patuxent Partnership Senior Electrical/Electronics Project Award, and the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Southern Maryland’s Jason Priestly Award Senior Division First Place. Additionally, James won the Southern Maryland Association of Realtors Scholarship Award which will help with college. He now goes on to compete at the Regional Prince George’s Area Science and Engineering Fair.  He will be honored by the Chapter and The Patuxent Partnership at our combined March 12th Reception at the Air Museum.  Stop by and see his project and help his as he prepares for the March 21st Regional Fair.  Good luck James!