Call for Support for 2018 INCOSE Southern Maryland Chapter Events

International Certification Program

First, the INCOSE International Certification Program feels with the government shutdown, there is as an opportunity for companies and individuals to spend a little time on personal development, training, and INCOSE Certification. They are planning to offer a free INCOSE knowledge exam to all who are interested. They plan that it could be held sometime between January 26 and February 3. They also feel this would be a welcome activity for organizations that will have folks working on overhead, anyway. No studying is required prior to taking this free exam, though it is encouraged. The suggestion is to host a few 150-item paper exams, scheduled just one to two weeks in advance. Along with this extended (2.5-hr) exam, candidates who pass will have their ASEP application fee waived, if they apply within 3 months of receiving exam results. That means that all current INCOSE members could get their ASEP for free, and non-members could get their ASEP just by joining INCOSE. No exam fee ($80) and no application fee ($150) as a limited time offer! Usually the exam is 120-item (2-hr) and does not waive the application fee. They are offering this opportunity to only the SoMD, WMA, and Chesapeake chapters, but we need to identify a location. Karl Geist is willing to act as proctor, since he is an ESEP and has proctored 4 other Certification Exams. They plan to set an exam date before 5 February, and create a website for registration. Chapters would then advertise it! This is a new idea and requires an immediate response. INCOSE is also hoping to offer other training activities during the next week or two. Please let Karl Geist know ASAP if you’re interested.

2018 St. Mary’s County Science & Engineering Fair

Call for Judges for the 2018 St. Mary’s County Science & Engineering Fair for the Middle and High Schools to be held on Saturday, January 27, 2018, from 7:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. at Great Mills High School. The Chapter is looking for Volunteers to act as INCOSE Judges for the Competition to review approximately 125 total projects between the Middle and High Schools. The Judges will down select to the top 5 – 6 projects in each division and interview those projects for individual scoring to determine the top 3 in each division for awarding prize money. Winners will also be recognized at a reception co-hosted by The Patuxent Partnership and INCOSE SoMD Chapter sometime in March.

Christmas in April (CIA)
For the last several years, our Chapter has participated in the St. Mary’s County Christmas In April program by providing volunteers to help refurbish local homes of the less fortunate. We are again planning to participate on Saturday 28 April, so we are in need of volunteers to help with this project. We normally make minor repairs to the inside and outside of the homes. Tasking may include jobs like Removing & installing flooring; Painting the interior ceiling & walls; Repairing some electrical; Doing weather stripping; Repairing & caulking windows; Painting exterior trim, eves, windows, & doors; and Performing some landscaping and clean-up. We provide our own tools, but CIA will provide all the materials.

AUVSI Competition

The SoMD INCOSE Chapter has a long 16-year history of providing support to the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Student Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS) Competitions. We are looking for Volunteers to be Competition Judges, Registration Personnel, and Servers for the Reception. This year’s (2018) competition support will start in May if you volunteer as a Judge to review Competition Journal Papers. Then on Wednesday 13 June, we will also need volunteers to support Competition Set-up, Registration, and the Reception. If you wish to continue judging the competition, on June 14th, 15th, and 16th (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) a total of 60ish international and domestic teams will compete presenting project briefs and flying their UAVs in competition.

Please consider supporting or volunteering for any or all these activities. If you have questions or plan to volunteer, please contact Karl Geist at or 301-247-7670.

AUVSI Call for Support – 17 – 20 June 2015

INCOSE has a long history of providing support to the AUVSI UAS Student competition conducted at St. Inigoes. MD. This year the event will take place 17 to 20 June.  Forty five teams are currently scheduled to participate coming from all over the world.  We as INCOSE have offered help in a few ways and would love for you to offer assistance if at all possible in any of three areas:


  • Evening Reception – Food Services: we provide the welcome meal for the arriving teams at the Patuxent Naval Air Museum.  This year we anticipate that we will be serving ~ 450 people in a two hour period.  The more hands the merrier!
  • Registration Desk – we would like to have ~ 9 volunteers total participate in this aspect – 17 June from ~ 5 to 8:00 pm (arrive 4:30 pm)
  • Event Staffing – We provide staff to help escort staff to/from the competition site as well as help/assist in the logistics side of the overall event.  This is a great way to meet some of the talented minds currently in academia that are getting ready to enter the workforce. You’ll get a chance to review team designs and meet the students as you assist with the logistics functions for the event itself.


Regarding the last request in particular, there is one critical need.  If anyone can assist with Event Staffing on 18 to 20 June and you do NOT have Base Access, we will need your contact information by 2 June, to make arrangements for your base access.


For all UAS-related participation, please contact Karl Geist: to let him know about your willingness to volunteer and in what area.  Again critical, if you need base access and currently do not have a CAC, names are needed by 2 June to get you into the system.


Giveback be a Science and Engineering Fair Judge

The last five INCOSE International Symposia a student from the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) was honored with expensed paid trip to IS to display their Science and Engineering project.  One of them was from our Chapter’s area, Kelles Gordge.  Three students from our area received an honorable mention from INCOSE at ISEF. This is not a serendipities event our Chapter has worked for 11 years with the local St. Mary’s Science and Engineering Fair where the best go to the Prince George’s regional fair and the best of the best from there go on to the ISEF.  We judge each project; we interview students of projects that meet our criteria “The project should involve a method of investigation involving observation and theory about a complex system.  The method chosen should support an approach and a means to enable the realization of successful systems.”, give monitory prizes to the best and invite them, along with a parent to our March luncheon where the chapter can see and discuss with the students there projects.  This is before the Prince George’s regional fair so we give our local students the best chance at doing well at the regional and the international level.  Four of our 1st place winners and one 2nd place winner have gone onto the International Science and Engineering Fair some multiple times.

It all starts with being an INCOSE judge at the St. Mary’s Science and Engineering Fair.  The judging takes place at Feb. 7th at Great Mills High School from 7:30am to after lunch.  If you have judged before we need your help, if you have never volunteered for any of our outreach activities try this: it is one energizing Saturday morning you will make you feel 10 years younger.


Needed Someone to Run Judging For Chapter Award

Every Year since 2005 our Chapter has sponsored a Systems Engineering award at the St. Mary’s County Science and Engineering Fair.  This year’s fair is scheduled for, Saturday, February 7th with a snow date the following Saturday, February 14th.  This is the first year I will not be able to work at the fair, so our Chapter needs a volunteer to accept the charge of leading this effort.  If you were an INCOSE award judge in previous years or have judged at the Fair as a category judge you are more than qualified plus even though I cannot make the fair it doesn’t mean I will not be supporting the effort before I leave town 31 January.  Please consider helping making our 10th year at the fair the best ever.  Please comment or send an email to me if you can lead the charge or if you can help judge.  Thank You.




We are in need of a few more “hands” to help and assist with the AUVSI Student competition next week, especially on 18 June in the evening (4:30 to 8:30 pm).  We will be helping with the Registration Desk that checks in ~ 300 students and team captains, and INCOSE also provides the evening reception barbecue dinner.


Karl Geist is our coordinator and can be reached at the following:


Phone:301-862-4000  x306


Please help if you can even for just a couple of hours! There are also opportunities to volunteer the subsequent 3 days helping with logistics to host this number of visitors to NAWC AD St. Inigoes.  Karl will have details for assisting remaining days at the event as well.  This is a great way to meet some exceptional SE minds coming into the workforce as they demonstrate their UAS use in the AUVSI challenge!