Report From 2018 St. Mary’s Science and Engineering Fair

Great Mills High School again hosted the 2018 St. Mary’s County Science & Engineering Fair for the Middle and High Schools, which was held on Saturday, January 27, 2018, from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. The INCOSE SoMD Chapter solicited volunteers to act as INCOSE Judges for the Competition to review the 86 Middle and High School projects presented at the Fair. Karl Geist and Greg Olson answered the call to act as Competition Judges. They down selected the projects for the Junior division to the top 5 projects, and for the Senior division to the top 7 projects, then interviewed those 12 projects for individual scoring to determine the top projects in each division to award the prize money. In the Junior division representing Spring Ridge Middle School were project #J-2001 titled O.R.C.A. (Ocean Robot Collecting Aggregates) by Jared Republica, which won Second place, and #J-2002 titled Vacation Irrigation by Tom Wilson, which won First place. In the Senior division representing Leonardtown High Schools, were project #S-1004 titled D.R.O.P by Timothy Stinger, which  was awarded Second place, and project #S-0502 titled Prescripted Code by John Podsednik, Kyra Pratley, and William Voorhees, which took top honors. Karl Geist, Chapter Treasurer presented the cash awards at the Awards Ceremony following the competition. All these INCOSE Award winners along with the winners of The Patuxent Partnership awards, will also be recognized at a reception co-hosted by The Patuxent Partnership and the INCOSE SoMD Chapter on Tuesday, February 20th from 5:00pm – 6:30pm at Great Mills High School, 21130 Great Mills Road, Great Mills MD 20634. Everyone in the chapter is invited.

John Podsednik, Kyra Pratley, and William Voorhees won INCOSE first in Senior Division with there project Prescripted Code

Timothy Stinger won INCOSE 2nd Place in the Senior Division with his project D.R.O.P

Tom Wilson from Spring Ridge Middle school won INCOSE’s First Place in the Junior Division with his project Vacation Irrigation


Jared Republica from Spring Ridge Middle Schoo won the INCOSE Junior Second Place with his project O.R.C.A. (Ocean Robot Collecting Aggregates)

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