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3 thoughts on “Board-Of-Directors

  1. I did have to wonder about your comment that we won Gold for 2011. I thought the winning was for the previous year, but perhaps I’m wrong.

    If I were to post, which I am NOT too likely to do, I would probably use Holly, I guess…. Is there a reason why we don’t use whole names?

    I don’t know what you mean about using a picture–do you already have one of each of us? Do you want us to send you one? Do I even need one?

    Holly Kellogg

  2. Thank You for the error catch You can see that I fixed it. I created an Editor account under Holly. You can help with further post errors like that with editor privileges. I plan to give the whole BOD the same privileges.
    I then posted your comment logged in as you which is how it would look. The use of a picture gives it a personal feel and does help in non verbal communication so it has more impact. You can post items on the Board-O-Directors page which deal with your position and comment on other posts. The big benefit of going to a blog type website which WordPress is it encourages many-way communication.

  3. something is wrong with the BOD contact listing it says you need to be logged on but it doesn’t seem to matter if you are logged on or not. Is anyone getting something different

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